Lauren Scott Corwin

Lauren Scott Corwin’s visual language in her paintings resides between “emotion, curiosity and the fantastic” that explores a blurred sense of time. The tension between subject matter and the rhythm of colors are extremely vital to the piece, often altering the scheme portrayed. Images are simplified with the blocks of color to create a textured reality that is sympathetic to our own senses and familiarity. The prevalence of color showcases light, mood, emotion, and dialogue between the revealed image and the fundamental psychology behind the narrative.

Her process consists of gathering a large array of source material: scattered information through current events, personal photographs and notes, ephemera, and literature encompass the undertones in her work. There is validity in bringing out idealized memories and iconography that beckon to be shared. These lost recollections gather again to reconstruct a longing for past experiences, to tell a new story, and to celebrate the uncanny. Although Corwin’s personal history is a major contributor within her work, her timestamped images (paired with the tactility of the paint) force the viewer to cope with both the subtle and outrageous. Formally, the painting hinges on the familiarity, the tension, the routine, the colors, and the movement; oscillating between intrigue and disbelief, hope and apathy.